Monday, November 12, 2007

Lesbian Ministers Eliminated From Amazing Race

Thankfully, Kate and Pat, the married ministers that were competing on the current installment of The Amazing Race, have been eliminated. Now we can watch the rest of this season without having to deal with explaining to our 7-year old daughter, Megan, why two women are married.

It's just not a conversation we're ready to have right now.

And, when we all sit down as a family to watch one of the few shows that is family-friendly -- save for the few times when words like "bitch" are uttered, or others are bleeped out -- conversations about why women, or men, would marry each other isn't at the top of my list of things-I'd-like-to-do-while-watching-the-show.

Hey, I have no problem with homosexuality, especially when it involves two women, I just didn't want to deal with the awkwardness each time these two would embrace, kiss, or talk about how much they loved each other.

I understand that much of what drives the program is showing the tension, communication skills, and ability to work together within each of the teams of two, but I think CBS overdid it a bit with these two.

And, if the network is going to continue to show kissing and embracing between married lesbians on future teams, couldn't the casting department give us a hotter couple?

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