Monday, February 18, 2008

American Gladiators: Monica And Some Dude

American Gladiators wrapped up last night on NBC. Monica Carlson, a former cheerleader with the Portland Trail Blazers, was the winner on the women's side, and some dude won the men's competition.

But enough about him.

Since I know my wife reads this blog, let me just say I was happy to see Monica rewarded for her athletic skills by winning this reality show competition, and earn $100,000 that will certainly be put to good use for her and her family.

(Translation: I'm glad she won because she's cute as a button and looks great in that tight red Gladiator outfit).

I didn't think I'd bother watching many episodes of Gladiators this time around, even though I used to watch it with some regularity back in the old days. Our oldest daughter, Megan, took a liking to the show, and with not much else on Sunday nights, it was pretty safe fare, and provided a rare opportunity for all of us to sit around the TV and watch something we all somewhat enjoyed.

I sure hope my wife doesn't have a problem with my playful infatuation with Monica. And, if she does, I have no problem with her setting her sights on a man from the show.

I noticed that Wolf's a real looker.

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