Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What About Bob?

Hats off to Bob, winner of Survivor: Gabon. After being given new life thanks to Sugar's plan to have the two of them vote for Matty at the last Tribal Council, forcing a tie as Matty and Susie voted for Bob, the physics teacher defeated Susie 4 votes to 3 for the million dollar prize.

Not bad for a 57-year old, wafer thin guy, who looked like a prime candidate for "first person voted off" when the show began.

But as the season progressed, Bob -- a very likeable champ -- started to dominate the game, winning challenges, and friendships at the most opportune time.

Plus, he did all of it while wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Remarkable.

This show has been on for 18 different seasons over the last nine years, and we still watch it every week. Our daughter, Megan said to me last night that I should try to go on the show.

I laughed. Although I do enjoy watching it, I have no interest in going on the show as a contestant.

I'd be ready to leave after the first night. Heck, after the first few bugs started to bite me within the first few minutes of getting off the boat, I'd be ready to pack it in.

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