Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Went Back To Ohio

I'm back from my weekend with the boys in Ohio. We were celebrating mu buddies upcoming wedding with a little thing called a bachelor party.

Nobody got arrested, and everybody made it back safe and sound.

While most of the guys were eager to hit the night spots at Put-In-Bay each of our two evenings, the treat for me was having Friday night, and all day Saturday with no major responsibilities, other than helping to make sure the fridge or cooler of choice was properly stocked.

There were several guys on the trip -- out of the 18 total -- that are married with kids, and a lot of our enjoyment was just having the time, and freedom, to sit on the deck of our cabin and waste away a Saturday, reading a magazine, staring at ladies at the pool, playing bags, staring at ladies at the pool, and staring at ladies at the pool.

It was a fun weekend. Groom to be, Brian, proposed to his girlfriend on the ABC7 local news last year.

I've known Brian since junior high, and the two of us have shared many a laugh over the years, poking fun at just about everything in the pop culture world, and spending a lot of our chats and conversations rehashing all the silly things we've done over the years.

When I play back my feeble attempts at play-by-play at Blackhawks games from my earlier years, Brian was usually right there next to me.

His is the voice yelling "Shoot it!" in one of the clips.

He was the best man at my wedding, and one of my next projects is to dig up the audio of Brian and myself singing the Love Boat theme at the dinner table that night.

Don't hold your breath for that, though.

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