Monday, March 15, 2010


I gotta hand it to the guys from OK Go. After creating a web sensation with the video for their “breakthrough” song, “A Million Ways” several years ago – homemade footage of the four band members in a choreographed dance routine, which was never originally intended to be the actual video for the song, but became just that after it received high praise online – I was expecting them to rest on their laurels.

But, then they hit the treadmills for the very entertaining video for “Here It Goes Again”, creating another web hit (it is reportedly one of the Top 50 most viewed videos of all-time online).

Then, there’s the odd, but still fun-to-watch video for the song, “Do What You Want,” a song that is all too familiar in my house, as it appears on our Guitar Hero game for Nintendo DS.

Now, they’ve gone Rube Goldberg on us.

Using a “Rube Goldberg Machine” – a very addicting chain reaction of events based on precise measurements, timing, and complexity, that in this case, took months to create – OK Go has unleashed the latest of their video hits, for the song, “This Too Shall Pass.”

Sometimes in the middle of the day, it’s nice to pull up one of these videos, just sit back and smile at the creativity, and energy these guys have.

I actually like their music, too.

Check this out…

And, as if this video wasn't enough goodness for this song, there's even a different version that is a treat as well.

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