Monday, December 20, 2010

Do You Believe In (Multiple) Miracles (At The Meadowlands)?

Okay, so it wasn't actually at the same venue as Herman Edwards' improbable fumble return for a touchdown in 1978, but it's close enough.

Gotta admit, diehard Eagles fan that I am, I bailed on the game once it got to be 24-3 Giants, late in the 1st half. I know a lot of Eagles fans kept watching the game, but nobody thought they'd come back and win it. NOBODY.

Even after the Eagles scored to make it 24-10, the Giants came right back and scored again to make it 31-10. Should have been the ballgame.

Amazingly, the Iggles kept fighting, and turned a 21-point deficit with only 7:00 remaining into a probable division clinching victory.

Don't stop now, boys.

And, as much as Joe Buck gets ridiculed for his (too) relaxed style of calling big moments, he raised it to the proper level on his "GETS A BLOCK!" call. I've always liked Buck's play-by-play. Could do with out the smug, "I'm funnier and hipper than you, and my sh!t don't stink" attitude, but the play-by-play is solid.

Here's the actual video, with Buck's call first, followed by Eagles play-by-play man Merrill Reese (along with former Eagles Mike Quick in the background).

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