Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sarah smile

Hey, somebody call Hall and Oates -- that might make a good song title someday.

A few posts back, I mentioned I'd post a picture of Sarah taken by her big sis, Megan. Today is that day my friends.

Megan asked us one day, "Why are we always taking pictures of Sarah. How come when she smiles we have to take a picture?" I think I said something initially about how we were so excited to finally see Sarah smiling when we didn't think it was just gas.

But seriously, we told Megan then, as we've done with a lot of these kinds of discussions we've been having, that we did the same thing for her when she was a baby.

And it wasn't as if Megan could object. The 437 photo albums filled with pictures of her first six years overule that objection.

Overall though, Megan continues to be a model citizen around the house concerning her little sister. She talks to her, laughs when Sarah makes silly noises or faces, and is more than willing to help out when needed, and many times, without even being asked.

Photo album number 438 is off and running, and it's nice to have added a young hot shot six-year old to our arsenal of photographers.

Now, if I can just get her trained to shovel snow this winter...

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