Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gene Simmons Fired

Ahhh, what a shame seeing Gene Simmons get fired from Celebrity Apprentice this week. This coming after Gene's victorious turn as Project Manager in last week's win for the Hydra team.

I realize I may be the only person watching this version of the strangely addictive show -- for me at least -- so I won't go into all of the details surrounding Gene's ouster.

But, there's now a sorely lacking comedic element that will be sorely missing from future episodes. Simmons, the shameless self-promoter and marketer, was cocky, brash, and fun to watch. Right or wrong, the guy's got brass ones, that's for sure. And why not? A legendary guitarist, in one of the most popular rock bands of all time, and with the tongue of all tongues, he's earned the right to walk around like a king.

Or as he put it in the episode, "I'm the king of all women, it's a roll I was born for."

But his confidence got the best of him as he stubbornly stuck to his ideas for the Kodak task, and ignored the guidelines put forth by the executives that he never even bothered to meet. In fact, Gene didn't even bother learning the name of the product he was in charge of promoting, resorting to writing it down on his hand to remember.

Already with a foot in the Celebrity Apprentice grave, Donald Trump asked Gene to bring back two teammates for the final boardroom discussion, and Simmons chose two people that had nothing to do with losing the task, Omarosa, and Jennie Finch. Trump had no choice but to fire Simmons.

Maybe he wanted to be fired. Maybe it will free him up to get back to what, in my mind, he does villains in movies. Who could ever forget his fantastic performance in the Tom Selleck thriller, Runaway from 1984.

I'm not joking, this is a great movie. It's got it all; Simmons as a madman that unleashes killer spiderlike robots on a futuristic New York, Tom Selleck as the afraid-of-heights hero back in his heyday, and a skinny Kirstie Alley.

Go. Rent it. It really is good.

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