Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm 'Nuts' About Japanese Game Shows

I've been sitting here thinking of something to blog about, since it looks really lazy to still have my "Happy St. Patrick's Day" video leading off the blog five days later, but not much is coming to mind.

I'm a little late on the finale of The Wire, although that show was so good, I'll probably get around to it eventually.

I'm close to coming up with a blog praising Dexter (I've been catching up on that one lately), but I want to finish season two first.

But, since nothing else is sparking my brain, I think I'll just post a wacky game show clip from Japan. In fact, it may start a new trend. When the blog idea well is running a tad dry, I'll just spit out a youtube clip of a show that I wish we got to watch on a regular basis here in the states.

For example...wouldn't you love to gather the family around this game show that punishes contestants that can't get through tongue-twisters without screwing up by giving them a kick in the nuts?

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