Tuesday, August 12, 2008

France Surrenders (To U.S. Swim Team)

I realize the Olympics are only a few days old, but it's fair to say that the 4 X 100 relay race won by the U.S. men's swim team will live on as one of, if not the most memorable moment.

Almost as shocking as the comeback, is the fact that there is an African-American on the team. Take that Al Campanis!

After bragging about how they were going to defeat the Americans, saying they were "going to smash them", team anchor and blabbermouth Alain Bernard blew a big lead on the final lap and lost by a fingertip.

Gotta love the reactions from the U.S. team after the race was over.

Since NBC seems to be taking down any and all olympic videos from Youtube, I'm only able to post this clip of a camera pointing at a TV showing the race. Better than nothing.

Besides, I think you can put up with a lack of video quality for the chance to see the French get fried.

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