Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday...To Us!

This blog turned two the other day -- is it a birthday, or an anniversary? -- so, as we did last year, it's time to list, in no particular order, the Top 10 Favorite Posts of the past 365 days.

* Before the Super Bowl, we assembled some of the best photo-shopped pictures of Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and Patriots coach Bill Belicheck. The post is funny, and accurate, as the game was close enough, by football standards, to be considered a photo finish, and as our post predicted with this GIF tipping the scales, Eli won thanks to this.

* In September, I attended the Rush concert in Tinley Park, Illinois. For the first, and only time on the blog, I provided a running diary of what transpired.

* After several years of coming close, but never getting it done, the Phillies finally catapulted all other competitors in the National League East, and claimed their first playoff berth in 14 years. Of course, they got swept in the first round -- something I eluded to in the post -- but, for a little while at least, I was very happy.

* Last August, I took our oldest daughter, Megan to her first concert. It was at the Illinois State Fair and it featured two of her favorites, Drake Bell -- a good musician as it turns out -- from Drake and Josh, and Corbin Bleu from High School Musical. I wrote an unofficial diary about it a few days later.

* One of my comedic heroes, George Carlin, passed away in June. A few months earlier I wrote about how he was still going strong. After he died, I posted about it, including a clip talking about death.

* As another fruitless season got underway with a sloppy loss at Green Bay in September, I wrote about the frustrating Iggles ineptitude. The post itself isn't anything special, but I thought the headline was worthy of a gold star.

* In June, we reached the one year anniversary of The Sopranos' finale, and it was then that I discovered an internet article breaking down that finale, and putting me into the camp of believers that Tony got whacked. The article that I link you to is long, but definitely worth the read for any fan of the show.

* Unfortunately, 10 months have passed since I wrote about the Cameron Diaz dream I had, and I have yet to hear from her.

* One of the posts that was the most fun for me to write came back in February. While discussing the popularity of Deal Or No Deal, it gave me a great reason to dig through my memory bank, along with the YouTube archive to unnearth some gems from a couple of my favorite game shows as a kid, Treasure Hunt, and Starcade.

* After a bit of a strange holiday season, as I talk about in the post, I wrote with great anticipation of our family gathering for Christmas, which had to take place at the end of December because my dad was sick. For the majority of the year, I'm a husband and father in his late thirties...At Christmas time, I'm still a kid.

Well, there you have it. I'd love to blog more often, and I'll try to do that over the next 365 days.

Hope you enjoy coming here. And, since I didn't actually write about it, so it didn't qualify as a top post of the year, I'll close with a link to one of my favorite videos of the year.

Keep the speakers low if you're at work, or with young kids nearby. Mr. O'Reilly likes to work blue sometimes.

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