Monday, September 29, 2008

Muck The Fets!

Yep, it feels just as good as it did last year. Even more so, actually. The cocky, dancing-in-the-dugout Mets not only blew the division, but blew the wildcard, too.

Now Jose Reyes will have plenty of time in October to hone those dancing skills in time for next year.

Who knows, maybe had the Mets won the wildcard, or even the division - with the Phillies taking the wildcard - maybe the Phils would have better success than they're about to have, or not have, with the Brewers as their first round opponent. We'll never know.

The point is, I'm glad Milwaukee made it. They've waited 26 years for a playoff berth. The Phils and Brew Crew can have at it for this first round series, with the winning team hopefully going all the way to the World Series.

Reyes and his teammates can sashy their way to the nearest golf course. I'll gladly call to make the tee time.

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