Saturday, September 06, 2008

NFL Returns

Technically the NFL season started Thursday night with the Giants 16-7 win over the Redskins, but the real season opener is Sunday.

This could be an interesting year for my beloved Iggles. If McNabb and Westbrook stay healthy, 10-6 sounds about right. If either of them goes down for any length of time, I'll be contacting Mel Kiper to see who the Eagles might be able to get with that top ten pick.

Given Philly's lack of depth -- and talent -- at wide receiver, the question marks during the preseason surrounding Shaun Andrews and his battles with depression, plus the talent in the NFC East, I wasn't that psyched about the upcoming season.

The only way to truly get revved up for the NFL, was to watch my alltime favorite NFL Films video.

So many great memories having watched -- and memorized -- this video numerous times as a kid. Thanks to the brilliance of Youtube, I'm able to share it with you below.

Can't even pinpoint my favorite soundbite...

"Get him out of there, because he has no hands."

"One time baby, one time. One time!"

"You marked it good, you did a helluva job."

"Let's run it. Let's run the Bumerooski."

"Come on defense, stop somebody."

"They're killing me, Whitey. Killing me!"


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