Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beware Of Antivirus XP

There's a pesky little virus/malware program floating around out there, and my home computer has it. It's something called Antivirus XP 2008 (or 2009).

If you start getting popups that you're not used to seeing, warning you that your computer is infected, and you need to download such and such program to get rid of the problem, that's either the virus trying to go onto your computer, or it's already on there.

It's not a particularly dangerous virus, so the experts say, but all I know is, my computer won't boot up now.

Just before we ran into the reboot problem, I was having a hard time running certain spyware removal programs, and when searching google for articles on how to fight back, several pages wouldn't load. It's like the virus knew I was hunting it down and didn't like it very much.

In fact, the moment that our computer "blue screened" us was when we were searching for what we thought was the corrupted file. In the middle of typing it in, it shut down. We got it to reboot that time. Tried to search it again, and down it went again. It never came back.

Most impressive.

Plenty of websites out there offer instructions on how to combat this thing once it's on your computer, like this site.

Keep your eyes open for this thing. Our computer is now in the hands of someone that we trust to fix it, and he says that none of our data will be lost, and we should be back up and running after he sprinkles a little magic dust on it.

But still, it's obviously a major pain in the hard drive.

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