Friday, May 08, 2009

Amazing Race...To The Bathroom

On the show this morning, Jay and I recounted the events of Sunday's Amazing Race episode, when Jen and Keisha finished in last place due in large part to Jen's inability to control her bladder.

As they were racing to the finish line, Jen -- who had gulped down several bottles of water to help get her through a difficult eating challenge -- couldn't hold it anymore, and had to stop at a restroom to relive herself.

That allowed the cheerleaders to sneak ahead of them, and finish in third place, sending Jen and Keisha home.

I referenced a marathon runner who displayed much more determination, bravado, and fearlessness when he faced a similar situation while racing recently. And, this was much more than just a simple need to relieve the bladder.

Yes, this racer was faced with a more colon-related matter. A fecal matter, if you will.

However, there was no way this racer was going to let that get in his way. Either that, or he just couldn't get to the port-a-potty on time.

Click here to see what I'm talking about.

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