Thursday, May 07, 2009

So Long, Scrubs

One of my favorite sitcoms of all time, Scrubs, signed off last night -- most likely for good.

There's a chance it will come back next year with a few of the cast members gone, including star Zach Braff, but, even though I'd welcome the chance to get a few more laughs from future episodes, considering how strong last night's finale was, I think the best plan would be for it to go away for good.

There are a large amount of great montages and clips at Youtube, and I'll just leave it up to you to dig up some of your favorites, or some clips you haven't seen in awhile from the show's past.

On today's show I played the song "Book Of Love" (the Peter Gabriel version) that played over the final scene as J.D. pondered his future outside of the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital.

While the song is strong enough on its own, seeing it in the context of what was happening on the show adds the proper amount of depth.

Here's the final scene...

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