Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let Me Get This Straight - Part 3

So, since I wrote this post last weekend, vowing to ignore the Phillies after their lead dwindled to five games, they've won six straight games, pushed their lead back to eight games -- while reducing the magic number to eight -- and (gasp) look to have things under control again.

The only concern now is injuries. The bullpen is a wreck with Romero, Eyre and Park sidelined, starter J.A. Happ may have aggravated his injury in last night's game (although he says he's fine), and now catcher Carlos Ruiz has a sprained wrist, although x-rays were negative.

But the hope is that those guys will heal up in time for the post-season (if they get there...had to say it).

This was a good week. Even the fans got some good publicity after the daughter of a Phillie fan threw a foul ball that her dad had just caught back onto the field.

The dad smiled, hugged his daughter, and was instantly booked on the Today Show.

You see, America, we're not all scum.

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