Monday, December 28, 2009

Yo, Adrian!

So, it comes down to this...

In my fantasy football league -- I know, I've already bored you to tears -- I need Adrian Peterson of the Vikings to score 20 points for me tonight, and I'm the champ.

91 or more yards and two touchdowns. 141 yards and one touchdown. No yards, but 10 two-point conversions.

Whatever works.

I'm going up against one Andy Behrens, who happens to be one of the fanasy sports experts on Yahoo, and was one of my friends in high school. Naturally, he's been in the top spot of our league for most of the season -- he'd better be, right? -- so to beat him would be a definite feat.

I mean, it must have taken an expert to know Roddy freakin' White would have a HUGE day yesterday, or that Brent Celek would get 121 receiving yards and a touchdown. Behrens has been killing it in our league all year, and he put up another 122 points yesterday.

But, I'm still hanging around.

I've hS the second best team all season, and after each of our bye weeks passed -- and our point totals from our "idle" lineups were higher than ANY of the four playoff teams that were playing -- we each won our semi-final games handily, so this matchup is the right one.

Our point total this weekend is higher than the two teams fighting it our for third place, too.

And, while I could be spouting venom at Coach Caldwell in Indy for resting his starters -- including my tight end, Dallas Clark -- possibly costing my team the points I'll need to pull off this upset win, I'm actually feeling pretty good about things, even if I lose after tonight.

I put just about my best team out there this week, have scored over 100 points, and have a shot going into the final game of our season. Couldn't ask for much more. Plus, I've already made money, so that's helping as well.

And, geek that I am, I've been having press conferences with myself all season.

The one last night went something like this...

"...We'll, what can you do, you know? Andy's got a tough, tough football team. You can't play defense in the Fantasy Football League. You just have to put the best lineup out there and hope for the best. I'm proud of my guys. They gave a tremendous effort today, and we have a chance. That's all I can ask as a head coach."

Not sure if I'll have the Gatorade shower late tonight -- I hope not, because by the time the game ends, I'll probably be in bed, and I'd hate to sleep in a bed soaked in Red G2 -- but there's no shame in finishing 2nd to a Fantasy Football guru.

"We gave it 110%. That's all I can ask as a head coach."

Now, go get 'em A.P.! Mikey needs a new pair of shoes.

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