Monday, February 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

Here are a few things on my mind that I've gathered up and lumped into one post...
  • To me, there are only three award shows in the entertainment industry: The Grammys, The Academy Awards, and The Emmys. Sunday night proved, yet again, why The Grammys is by far the best awards show out there -- and one of the only ones I'll bother to watch -- the performances. Whether it's The Police, Beyonce, or a collaboration with John Mayer, John Legend, and Corinne Bailey Rae, you just don't get anything comparable on the other shows. At The Emmys for example, you don't see the cast of The Office onstage acting out a scene from "A Benihana Christmas."
  • Can someone explain to me why American Idol airs after Bones on Wednesday nights? This makes no sense. Idol airs at 7pm on Tuesday nights, so why not at 7pm on Wednesday nights? Idol is much more family-friendly than Bones. My daughter goes to bed at 8pm, and she loves to watch Idol, but she gets chortchanged on Wednesdays. Plus, don't you think Fox would want Bones to run after Idol, in hopes of bringing some of Idol's huge audience over to that show? Am I making too much sense?
  • Kudos to Paul McCrane, who just finished his run portraying Jack Bauer's brother Graem on 24. He was wonderfully agitating on ER as Dr. Romano, and although the twist of Graem being Jack's brother was a bit hard to fathom (even for 24), he was equally detestable in that role as well. Loved the torture scene with Jack. McCrane has entered my unofficial TV Slimeball Hall Of Fame.
  • I always forget just how good Pringles are until I have one.
  • Wackiest -- yet oddly plausible -- theory behind the Anna Nicole Smith death...the real father of her baby, is her recently deceased son, Daniel. The pending paternity test was too much for her to handle because she knew who the real father was, so she checked out.
  • I'll let that last one marinate for a few seconds before I go on.
  • Valentine's Day is almost here. If you're planning on serenading your loved one, try to avoid these Top 10 Least Romantic Lyrics Of All-Time.
  • Tiger Woods' eight consecutive tournament winning streak is impressive, don't get me wrong, but it would be a lot more impressive if it came in eight consecutive weeks, not just when he decides to show up.
  • Speaking of sports, it seems that Barry Bonds is upset now that details of his pending contract with the Giants has leaked to the press. You know, the one that says the Giants can terminate his contract if he is indicted on federal perjury or tax-evasion charges. Barry, who cares if that info is leaked? Giants fans, and baseball fans in general, should be pleased to know that the Giants are protecting their steroid-injection-needle-free hindquarters in the event that you run into legal trouble. What the Giants should do now is rip up the contract and tell that dope to get lost.
  • Today's nominee for Person With Too Much Time (and sweat) On Their Hands...this guy hand-farts music from the Mario Brothers video games.
  • Here's the latest distrubing story involving someone inside the costume at Disney World. "The Most Magical Place On Earth", huh? Hold the magic. I'd settle for a place where Tigger isn't allegedly punching kids, or allegedly molesting a 13-year old girl. Granted, the "punch" didn't really seem like a punch at all, and the man inside the Tigger costume in the molestation trial was found not guilty, but still.
  • I still don't get it. The K-Fed Super Bowl ad was one of the better ones that I saw during the game last week, but it has apparently angered fast food workers for the way they are portrayed. Huh? Isn't the comeercial mocking K-Fed? Same deal with the Snickers ad that is causing such a controversy. Please. Can't everyone just lighten up for a change. If viewers of the Super Bowl were to get mad at something offensive, it should have been the play of Rex Grossman at quarterback.
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