Monday, February 05, 2007

Stinging In The Rain

While I was standing in the street outside my brother's house waiting for one of his friends to bring over their car so I could have my car jump started, I began thinking of some of the possible headlines that might appear in the sports sections throughout the state this morning following Super Bowl XLI.


"Bears Loss Is Gross, Man"

"Sloppy Play Rex Title Hopes"

The actual headlines weren't bad...

"Super Bowl Muffle" in the Chicago Tribune, "It Rained On Our Parade" in the Chicago Sun-Times, and "Swoon Over Miami" in the Joliet Herald. (On a related note, one of the best headlines I've seen appeared in the Herald the day after the Bears defeated the Saints in the NFC title game: "XLInt". Excellent, indeed.)

I got a kick out of hearing the postgame shows on the radio while driving home. One host suggested that the Colts didn't win this game, but the Bears lost it. Excuse me? I mean, yes, the Bears made plenty of mistakes, but let me show you some stats...

First Downs: Indy 24, Bears 11
Total Plays: Indy 81, Bears 48
Total Yards: Indy 430, Bears 265
Turnovers: Indy 3, Bears 5
Third Downs: Indy 8-18, Bears 3-10
Rushing Yards: Indy 191, Bears 111
Time of Possesion: Indy 38:04, Bears 21:56
Points scored by Bears after 1st quarter: 3

That my friends, is a butt-whipping. The Bears are fortunate it wasn't 39-17, or worse.

As far as the commercials, you can view all of them here.

There were a few good ones. I liked the one below, which was one of the first ones of the game.

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