Monday, March 26, 2007

Please, No(ah) More!

Will someone please knock off the Florida Gators so I don't have to open a newspaper, or go to a sports-related website and look at another one of these pictures of Joakim Noah again?!?! It was overdone a year ago, and it's really overdone this year.

Can't we balance it out with a picture of a Gator cheerleader rah rah rah-ing Florida to its latest win?

The pictures that we always see of Noah are all the same -- crooked arm, clenched fist, big ugly mouth wide open. Need more evidence? Try here, or here, or here. Don't forget this one, and that one. Oops, I almost forgot about this, and that. One more. Ok, I lied, here's one more. Ah the heck with it. Let's enjoy them in a collage.


Meanwhile, I'm not sure if you saw this -- I sure didn't -- but you need to check out the ending to the Division II Championship game from the other day. If this had happen for Joakim Noah's team, he may have opened his mouth and screamed so loud and forcefully that his hair would have fallen out. After his heart attack, stroke, and brain hemorrhage.

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