Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RUSH'S New Album Coming Soon

I realize that the news of a new RUSH album will elicit a response from you -- and most people -- somewhere between "Who?", and "Who cares!?". For me, this is exciting news. The album, entitled Snakes and Arrows, should be out in early May. The first single should be released within a week or so.

I've been a RUSH fan for about 20 years. I've seen them in concert four times, most recently in 2002. Schramm went with me to that show. That was the night they played the Spotlight On Sports closing theme song. We both screamed in amazement once the first few notes kicked in. That could have been the beer talking. Still, we were stoked.

Down the road, maybe after the album comes out, I'll devote a longer post to RUSH, one of my top five bands, so consider this a distant early warning.

In the meantime, enjoy a classic drum solo from the master himself, RUSH'S Neil Peart.

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