Thursday, April 26, 2007

News Bloopers

After my recent post showing the video of Tracy Butler losing control of the Vespa she was riding, about five seconds after she got on the thing, and my older post that had the video of the reporter getting attacked by a potential interview subject, I had the urge to pass along a few other news blooper gems from around the net.

You may have seen most of these already. Here are five of my faves:

Grape Stomper - First off, the reporter has a bit of a sarcastic attitude about stomping grapes during this report. Then she cheats. Then she tries to be funny, and fails. Well, she failed when she tried to be funny. That's not to say that this clip isn't hilarious. Granted, what happens to her most certainly hurt, but I dare you to not laugh out loud at her reaction.

Bugging the weatherman - "Oh my God!!!!!! There it is!!!"

Boom Goes the Dynamite - Quite possibly the most infamous "bad sportscast" in history.

All choked up - Just trying to read this story about Saddam's upcoming death by hanging has this woman sounding as if a noose is tightening around her neck.

Snow job - These kids must have heard us do a similar thing many moons ago with Dean Tambling. Gotta love the newswoman cracking up, too.

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