Monday, April 02, 2007

Play Ball

Ahhhh yes, opening day is here. Six months of biting my nails while watching Phillies games on Yahoo's game channel. Well, maybe only four or five months, as I'm sure they'll be eliminated from serious playoff contention by Labor Day.

They'll probably fall within the 83-89 win total like they've done the last few years, and fall short of the postseason. Again.

I know, you don't care about the Phillies. So, what are my predicitons for the Cubs and White Sox? I think they both miss the playoffs, too.

The White Sox will win 88 games and finish 3rd behind Cleveland and Detroit.

The Cubs will win 78 games and finish 3rd as well, behind St. Louis and Cincinnati.

The over/under on Lou Pinella ejections: 5

The over/under on Ozzie Guillen insensitive comments in the media: 5

The over/under on random Sox fans that jump from the stands to attack an opposing player or coach: 0.5

And, the over/under on cringe-inducing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" renditions at Wrigley: 72

I'm hoping for the over on that one.

Enjoy the games. I'll be down to stumps for fingers by the weekend. I need some sunflower seeds.

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