Saturday, June 09, 2007

Obligatory Paris Hilton post

This is the same reaction I get from my 10-month old daughter, Sarah, when I take the remote control from her before she shoves the whole thing in her mouth. The only thing missing is that she hasn't perfected the shouting of, "Mom!!!" when things don't go her way.

Poor, poor Paris. Now, to be fair, what happened to her yesterday should never have happened in teh first place. She should have never been released from jail. There aren't too many arguments on that point.

However, I was completely surprised by her reaction to having to go back to jail. At the point this picture was taken, she had to know that this was a possibility. As upset as you might be, Paris, sheeesh, pull it together until you get out of the camera's view. We know you love all of the attention, but is this the last image you want us to see for the next few weeks?

Then again, maybe she feels if she lets out all of this emotion, she'll find some other dope that will feel sorry for her, and try to let her go home early.

Look, I don't dislike Paris Hilton. I'm mystified by her celebrity status, but I don't dislike her. Kudos to the judge for rightly sending her back to jail -- for a sentence that has already been reduced in half. Paris, it's simple, you get caught breaking the law, you pay the consequences. Mommy can't help you. Even the star-struck sheriff can't do anything for you. Just deal with it, and in a few weeks, you'll be out and more popular than ever.

Besides...a hottie with a ton of money that likes to party all the time AND is an ex-con to boot?

That's hot.

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