Saturday, July 21, 2007

Michael Vick: Dog Daze

Michael Vick's story is about as bad as it gets. I'm very surprised NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell hasn't suspended Vick yet for violating the NFL's conduct policy. He did it with former Bear, "Tank" Johnson. He did it with "Pacman" Jones, and Chris Henry.

He should do the same with Vick.

Isn't there enough known, even before the pending trial, that we can at least say with certainty that Vick at the very least, housed these dog fights on his property, and based on reports was involved (possibly the ringleader).

Vick faces a possible six-year jail sentence if convicted. Now, it's tempting to jump to a "he'll get off easy because he's a star athlete" conclusion, but Lester Munson dispels that in an ESPN article that ran a few days ago.

Let's hope he's right.

Hosting the dog fights was bad enough. Hearing what was done to the dogs when they were out of the ring, is sickening.

So, let's lighten the mood with a pretty darn good parody song to the tune of "Cat's In The Cradle", entitled, "Dog's In The Kennel".

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