Sunday, September 09, 2007

Do You Know The Muffin' Men?

Is it hockey season yet? Okay, it may be a little too early to write off the Eagles, but just giving away a very winnable game to Green Bay is not the way to start a season.

First, Greg Lewis muffed a punt early in the game -- granted, Lewis is very new to the position, and was leveled right as he was trying to catch the punt -- and the ensuing scramble for the loose ball resulted in a Packers touchdown. Of course.

Second, with about a minute to go in the 4th quarter, with the score tied 13-13, J.R. Reed sprinted to try to catch a short punt, couldn't get under the ball, and muffed it. The Packers recovered, and seconds later kicked the game winning field goal. Naturally.

Now, had the offense done something with the ball after getting the all-too-common Brett Favre turnover late in the 4th quarter, at least Reed's muff never would have happened. Ifs and buts, candy and nuts.

It was the kind of loss that just leaves you in a grumpy mood the rest of the day. Considering yesterday was our wedding anniversary, maybe I should have just done yardwork all afternoon, or taken the family out somewhere, or watched High School Musical 2 with the kids for the 33rd time, instead of subjecting the household to that dud of an Eagles debut.

At least I didn't have to watch the final field goal. Since we live in the Chicago market, Fox cut away from the Eagles-Packers game to go to San Diego for the Bears-Chargers matchup. Ironically, just a few hours prior to that, I said to my wife, "You just know the Eagles are going to be driving for the game winning field goal when Fox is going to cut away to get to that all important Bears-Chargers kickoff." Well, after watching that second muffed punt, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman never looked so good.

A few posts back I mentioned how much of a roller coaster the baseball season is. Highs and lows seven days a week. Well, football is worse -- when you lose. A full week of feeling like crap about your favorite team, until they suit up again. And, of course, I'll be there with them next week, and every week. I'm a fan. Just a very frustrated one. Goes with the territory rooting for this team.

Meanwhile, where did I put the Flyers 2007-08 schedule?

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