Friday, September 28, 2007

Family Guy: I Have Some Work To Do

I stumbled upon this page of 10 songs from Family Guy on the Adult Swim website. Working in radio, I certainly have a soft spot for the classic FCC song.

Several of my other favorites are listed below. All 10 songs are good, though.

How in the world have I not found time in my life for this show?

I have some catching up to do.

You'll have to click the links to see the videos. I tried to embed them into the blog, but that didn't work.

"My Drunken Irish Dad"

"Peter's Got Woods"

"Vasectomy Barbershop"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Great Blog. As much as Family guy used to rock in the first few seasons, it is getting down every season with same stale comedy and jokes. IMO Souht Park and SImpsons are also going down the hill.

Anyway for those who can not download Family guy from torrents and are looking for all Seasons of Family guy, they can download it from here -

Hope this helps others.