Sunday, September 02, 2007

So That's How He Does It

Looking at the latest issue of Rolling Stone the other day, it became pretty obvious to me how Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine does so well with the ladies. The guy has been linked to hotties like Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson, Maria Sharapova, and others. How does he do it?

Well, look at this photo. He has surrounded himself with four of the ugliest dudes on the planet. Granted, Levine is a decent looking guy, but put him onstage, or in a video, or on a magazine cover with these other four members of the group, Levine goes from being a "7" on the street, to a "10" instantly.

I can't really blame the guy though. Heck, I know what it's like for him. How could I not after working so many years surrounded by the likes of Steele, Schramm, Tambling, Haensel, and now, Capron.

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Anonymous said...

After reading your thoughts on and about the concert...I gotta say...I dont know how the hell you do it! Love ya, love your show!