Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report: So, Now What?

Anyone surprised by anything they heard yesterday when the Mitchell report came out? Didn't think so.

I think the bigger surprise was the lack of names. Although, considering about 99.9% of current players refused to talk to Mitchell -- and why would they -- it was hard to imagine that the list of names would be anywhere near complete.

Sammy Sosa didn't even make the list.

How many major leaguers were sweating bullets yesterday, waiting to see if they had been named in the report? Even without any cooperation from the players, Mitchell was still able to name almost 90 players. Safe to say another 100-200 players were crappin' their pants counting the minutes until 2pm Eastern, when the report was released.

And that's steroid-fueled feces, too. Nasty, I'm sure.

I was pleased to see that none of the current Phillies made the list, and the most recent Phillie to be linked in the report was David Bell, who had already been rumored to be a user.

Considering how poorly he played for the Phils, maybe Bell should have taken more 'roids.

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