Monday, May 26, 2008

Update: Having Kids That Are Sick Still Not Fun

It started at about 3:30 early Sunday morning when my wife woke me up to tell me that our oldest daughter, Megan, was sick. Puking in the bed sick. Although, it was more phlegm than food.

Good morning everyone.

So, that put an end to Megan's plan for that day to go hang out at her friend's house for the afternoon. And, it ruined mom and dad's chance at a quiet house -- once our youngest would take her daily three hour nap -- so we could enjoy some afternoon, um, time to...enjoy each other's company.

Then, our youngest, Sarah, got sick around 8:30 that same morning. Right after breakfast.

Maybe it was something we ate the night before. We think we were able to narrow it down to some kind of macaroni alfredo thing we had at a party Saturday afternoon.

I had the same dish, but felt fine. Then again, I hardly flinched when my wife told me that the expiration date on the piece of cake I was eating last night was a few days past. It'll take a little more than a slightly less than fresh cake, or a foreign mac and alfredo dish to send me over the top. Or in this case, over the toilet.

So, the girls spent the day in and out of sleep, while confined to the couch or floor. And, since my wife was up with Megan overnight, she was too tired for the standard evening enjoying of each other's company.

Which meant for me, I was off to find another piece of cake.

(There is some NSFW language in this classic Team America clip)

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