Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thome Launches White Sox To Playoffs

There are plenty of smiles at work today. All three of our favorite teams have reached the playoffs.

Last night, Jay Capron's White Sox clinched the final playoff berth on the strength of Jim Thome's bomb to center field, and some fantastic pitching and defense, in a tense 1-0 win over the Twins in the AL Central tiebreaker.

I'm sure Minnesota is feeling pretty bad right now. Tough break that despite defeating the Sox 10-8 during the head-to-head meetings, they had to settle for the 50/50 chance of a coin-flip to go their way -- it didn't -- to get the home game for the tiebreaker.

Oh well. The Sox will take it.

I thought the blackout was a cool idea (fans wore black and were given black towels to wave). However, watching it on TV, it was hard to even notice the towels because they blended in with everyone's outfit.

And, if it's supposed to be a blackout, why were the Sox wearing their white uniforms?

Shouldn't they have fielded an all African-American lineup?

Inquiring minds.

So now that the palehose are in, Jay, my newsman, is now smiling along with fellow co-worker Kevin Schramm. His Cubs have had things wrapped up now for over a week.

And, yeah, I'm smiling today, too. My Phils clinched their berth on Saturday. I figure I might as well smile now, before the inevitable game 1 loss in a few hours.

Until then at least, everyone upstairs here at work -- us on-air guys work on the 2nd floor -- is feeling good about the chances of our respective teams. It's been 102 years since the Cubs and White Sox were in the playoffs at the same time.

The fact that each of our favorite teams -- and the Sox are my 2nd favorite, for whatever that's worth -- has reached the postseason is borderline insanity.

We'll see how long our smiles last.


Jay said...


That game was amazing.

"You can put it on the BO-ard, YES!"

Mike Williams said...

i love it when you analyze.