Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Series

Well, here we go. It's about an hour before the first pitch of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays.

...Let me take a moment to read that last sentence again.

I still don't know which team I'd rather see the Phils play in this series. The Red Sox are a little more banged up, but have plenty of history on their side. The Rays are more talented and balanced, but are inexperienced.

I guess the whole experience factor became a bit of a moot point when trying to use it as a defense of the Red Sox, now that Tampa has disposed of them.

Truth is, no matter who the Phillies would end up playing, they need to get at least one road win, and it wouldn't have been easy at either place.

That's why tonight's game is big. When your ace is on the mound in a playoff series, you'd better win. Cole Hamels has come up huge so far this postseason, and Philly needs him again tonight.

No Phillies fan wants to see this team down one game, pinning their hopes for a split on the right arm, and the not always right mind of Brett Myers, who hasn't pitched in almost a fortnight.

It's a strange feeling now that we're so close to the first pitch. I'm excited, but nervous. Hopeful, but cautious.

These next few days and games will offer many memorable moments, and trying to predict how any of it will turn out is pointless.

Obviously, a Phillies championship would take care of so many negative feelings and years of despair in Philadelphia.

I've given you the gory details of what it's like to follow this team before.

Four more wins, boys, and all of it goes away. Until next year, of course.

Just four more wins.

I think they get them, too.

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