Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Omazing Singer

With American Idol rapidly approaching the finish line, I'm already looking forward to the auditions for next season. I think I may have found a new star. Just click the pic below, and enjoy a breathtaking performance of everyone's favorite, "Omazing Grace". Yes, "Omazing".

The ratings for the early audition rounds on Idol -- the rounds with all of the horrible singers -- are always good. I'd like to see a 30-minute show centered around this guy. Each week give him four or five songs to sing, and just let him go. You wouldn't watch that?

And, since there is a real possibility that there is something wrong with this dude -- beyond the horrible singing -- I'm going to pretend that one of the following things is true, so I can enjoy the clip guilt-free:

A) He's drunk
B) He's stoned
C) He's drunk and stoned
D) It's really Eddie Murphy impersonating a bad singer. Or a cow in heat.

There, I feel better already.

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