Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Simpsons' 400th Episode

At this point, it's easy to take The Simpsons for granted, and, I have. I'll admit it, as a big fan of the show, I haven't watched many of the newer episodes. Sure, the quality of the recent seasons may not quite be up to the high standards of previous Simpsons' years, but each episode is still good for at least four or five laugh-out-loud-moments -- or LOLM's as we'll call them -- and that's good enough for me.

It takes a lot for me to actually laugh out loud at a TV comedy. It's not that I don't have a sense of humor, in fact I think I have a very good one, it's just that my reactions to comedy on TV, or movies, usually elicits a smile, or one of the classic "I'm laughing on the inside" feelings.

However, The Simpsons has consistently given me LOLM's for many, many years. Sometimes I'll get into a giggle fit over something that Homer has done, and I'll be in tears laughing about whatever dumb thing he's done for several minutes after the fact.

I own seasons 3 - 7 on DVD, am looking forward to the movie coming out this summer, and watch the reruns around dinner time when I can -- in other words, when my wife doesn't want the local news on at 6:00.

So, I tip my Duff cap to Homer and the gang for hitting the 400th episode mark this Sunday. It may not be as funny as it once was, but it still is one of the five best comedies on TV now. And it still gives me LOLM's.


The following clips, along with countless others that I'm too lazy to find for you, are good for a few LOLM's:

Fat Bart - Bart goes on an eating binge, changing how the show's open would look

Homer The Inventor - Stick with this to see Homer's inventions, including the one that gave me one of my biggest LOLM's - the "Everything Is OK Alarm"

Homer's 101 Jobs - killer soundtrack with this one

Homer's Moments Of Tipsy-ism - To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems

The Movie Trailer - One of them at least.

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