Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bill Maher Kicks Out Protesters

Friday night during his live HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher, along with the help of security, kicked out several protesters that were in the audience. It was great television, and Maher handled it perfectly.

The protestors were shouting about conspiracies surrounding 9/11 -- real topical stuff. Maher was calm while the first couple of things were shouted from the protesters, but after it continued, Maher stood up and yelled, wondering where security was. He then charged into the crowd to help escort one of the protesters, "Out. Out. Out!"

The clip is below, and just a warning, it contains several obscenities.

Granted, he probably waited until he saw security personnel already grabbing the guy to kick him out before he went into the crowd, and as he admitted in his online segment on HBO.com, he's able to be so brave because there are metal detectors in use at his show tapings, I still thought it was a ballsy move, and a reminder of how much fun live, uncensored television can be.

I watch Bill every week, learn something each time, and get a healthy dose of laughs from things that are said on the show. His show is so consistently good, that I've almost forgiven him for his appearance in D.C. Cab.

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