Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Top American Roller Coasters

Even though the amusement park season is just about over here in the midwest, it's never a bad time to talk about roller coasters. Maybe this post will help you plan a trip somewhere in 2008.

I found this website that not only lists the top 56 coasters in the U.S., but each one comes with a handy youtube clip that shows you the ride. Granted, watching a video is nothing like experiencing the real thing, but these give you a pretty good idea what these thrill rides are like.

Pre-tty, pre-tty, pre-tty good.

I've been telling my wife for several years that I want to go to Cedar Point for a vacation one year -- or at least a long weekend.

After checking out this list -- which features Cedar Point coasters in the first group -- I'm already looking at accomodations for next year.

But, as great as this list is, they left off one of my all-time favorite coasters. It must have been number 57 and just missed the list.

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