Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kitchen Nightmares is coming back

I was very happy to read this morning that Fox has renewed Kitchen Nightmares for another season.

If you've read the blog for any length of time, or listened to my show, you know I'm a big Gordon Ramsay fan. Love the attitude, the bluntness, and the countless cries of, "Oh deeeaarrrr", "Oh noooooo", and, "What are you dooooooooing?" as he encounters boundless incompetence at each of the restaurants he tries to fix.

After having seen the British version of this show many times -- which is a little more subdued, is shot on film, which gives it a more documentary feel, and is more focused on food then workers -- I was a little nervous about seeing the U.S. version.

More accurately, nervous about the Fox version. The network certainly has a way of adding just enough sound effects, quick cutaways, cheesy narrating, and ramped up tension and drama to make most of their reality shows unwatchable. This is the same network that gave us My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance several years ago.

Wait a minute. I actually watched that show. Oops.

Although the U.S. version of Nightmares is a bit changed from the British version (more frantic editing, focus on workers' relationships and drama, and shot on video), much of the original concept remains intact. Of course, the one thing that is constant, is Ramsay.

It doesn't matter that the basics of each episode are the same: A restaurant with very few customers, a lazy or inept chef/staff, and filthy conditions in the kitchen which lead Ramsay to clean the kitchen, change up the decor a bit, freshen up the menu with easier meals to make, with fresh ingredients, and happy customers coming through the doors. What makes the show so engaging is watching Ramsay interact with those he's trying to help.

There's still time to catch this season's episdoes which air on Wednesday nights. And, fortunately, there's plenty of time to catch future episodes.

As Fox's Mike Darnell said, ""I think this show is going to be on this network for a long time."

Bon appetit.

Here's the season teaser for Kitchen Nightmares to give you an idea what the show is like.

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ArtfulSub said...

Ramsay is a Troll. Nuff said.