Friday, June 20, 2008

Cubs vs. Sox: Move Over Boston and New York

Now that the hoopla over the Celtics, Tiger Woods, and Willie Randolph has begun to wind down, the White Sox and Cubs can take over the sports world...for a few days at least. As well they should.

Excitement is always at a high level when the crosstown rivals face off for the only real interleague series that matters to Chicago baseball fans takes place, but this year, it's reached an intensity that could only be eclipsed by an all-Chicago World Series. And, don't rule that out for a few months from now.

The White Sox -- along with the Arizona Diamondbacks -- enjoy the biggest lead of any division frontrunner in baseball, 4 1/2 games.

The Cubs have the best record in baseball, 45-28.

This weekend at Wrigley Field, and next weekend at U.S. Cellular field, the two teams will play their annual six games as fans of both teams cheer, boo, drink, taunt, drink, laugh, drink, cry, and drink, in delirium.

ESPN will broadcast Sunday night games both weekends, so it must be big. Two straight Sunday night games without a New York or Boston team is unfathomable.

Well, it's about damn time. They should be here. The Sox did win it after all just three years ago, and The Cubs -- pending possible doom with the Zambrano injury -- feel like this is their best team in a long time, considering they have baseball's best record at the latest point in a season since their last championship team 100 years ago.

There's even an effort to have Steve Bartman throw out a first pitch before a game in September.

So, while us here in the Windy City will enjoy all six games, and whatever -- if any -- bragging rights emerge, considering the success each of these teams is having, it's impossible to ignore the possibility that these same two teams could get together for a World Series. It's so delicious, I don't even want to write anymore about how fantastic it would be, because I would probably jinx it.

Still, it's hard to resist thinking about. Late October, Cubs vs. White Sox for all the marbles...

Even New York and Boston would enjoy that one.

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