Friday, July 18, 2008

Phillies and Mets: Giddy Up

Now that the Mets have finally decided to join the party atop the NL East, it looks like we're gearing up for another tight race to the finish between the Phightin's and the Amazin's.

With all due respect due to the overachieving Marlins -- in 3rd place 1 1/2 games back -- the division will most likely go to either the Phillies (stumbling along having gone 13-18 since June 8th) or the Mets (winners of 10 straight).

The recent acquisition of Joe Blanton will help the Phillies' starting rotation, but enough to push them into the playoffs? Only time will tell.

The Mutts seem to have new life since relatively lifeless manager Jerry Manuel took over. Good for them. The fact that they've climbed back into the race will make it even sweeter when they collapse again in September.

66 games to go...get your popcorn.

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