Monday, January 12, 2009

Philly Passes New York - Again

As much fun as last week was, yesterday was just plain fantastic. Anytime a Philly team can knock off a New York team -- in the playoffs, no less -- it's going to be a good day.

The Eagles, left for dead by many people a couple of months ago -- myself included -- are now one win away from the Super Bowl.

Just like during the baseball season, the New York team (Mets) that was getting all of the attention, and all of the expectations, has come up short to their rivals from Philadelphia.

While the baseball seasons in both '08 and '07 were more satisfying -- because of the length of the year, the epic-ness of the Mets' collapses, and the subsequent title for the Phillies -- yesterday's win was might nice, too.

I remember sitting at a Buffalo Wild Wings last month watching the Eagles win at the Meadowlands 20-14, and increasing their still slim playoff hopes. After that game I thought, "Ok, maybe they have a shot here."

Of course, they later laid a major egg with that crap defeat in Washington, but after they survived three "gotta have happens" just to get into the playoffs, my feeling was, "Why not them?"

Nobody in the NFL this season is invincible, as these playoffs have demonstrated.

And, as a 6-seed, there were no expectations for this Eagles team. No good ones at least.

So, to go back to New york and eliminate the number one seed in fairly convincing fashion was very satisfying.

With only Arizona (a team the Eagles thrashed earlier this season, although they are playing better now), and with no New England in the AFC, could this possibly be the year the Eagles take the title?

Could Philly possibly own the World Series title, and the Lombardi trophy at the same time?

"Hi, is this Jose Reyes?

Jose, this is Donovan McNabb.

Fine, thanks.

Great, actually. We're in the middle of knocking off the Giants at the Meadowlands, and I wanted to call you to say that you guys are no longer the only chokers in New York now."

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