Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Eye For Cuisine

Meet Andre Thomas, a death row inmate in Texas, who satisfied some hunger pangs recently by plucking out his eye, and eating it.

Hey, the guy must know a delicacy when he, um, sees one, because that was the second time he had done it.

Back in 2004, he plucked out an eye for the first time, and proceeded to eat it, and just a couple of months ago, he plucked out his other eye, and ate that one, too.

Thomas is in jail for killing three people -- including an infant -- five years ago.

There is no execution date set, yet.

As Jay opined this morning, this gives new meaning to "watching what you eat."

My question was how do you properly season an eyeball? I picture it being something like eating a hard boiled egg.

If that's the case, some horseradish and a few sprinkles of salt are in order. Not too much, though. It might overpower the taste of the eyeball.

Of course, when you're eating your second eyeball, it's kind of hard to measure the amount of seasoning you're using. You know, not being able to see and all.

Food for thought. Or something like that.

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