Friday, February 13, 2009

Hockey Fright

Knowing what we know -- at least in the movies -- about Friday the 13th, and dudes in hockey masks, I can only hope that the Blackhawks are careful tonight when they play at St. Louis.

The Blues goalie could go on a rampage and take out the whole team!

He'll have a stick, two knives on the bottom of his feet, and the pent up anger of a bunch of dudes shooting pucks at him all night.

Sure signs of trouble for the Hawks if you're watching tonight...

* If one of them is skating alone in the dark with a flashlight, calling to see if anyone else is around.

* If one of them starts to take a shower with their eyes closed, and the door unlocked.

* If two of the Hawks run off to an abandoned cabin and start to make love, you know that at least one of them is a goner.

So, good luck, Hawks. Watch out for the dude in the hockey mask.

I'll make sure to watch the game with the lights on.

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