Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Rabbit (Ears) Died

...or at least they should have. Yesterday was supposed to be the day that the switch to digital television would be made, making analog television obsolete.

However, the switch date has been pushed back to sometime in June because there are too many people that aren't ready for the conversion.

Problem is, many networks had budgeted for the switch to be made on February 17th as was originally planned, and now to keep transmitting an analog signal, when they weren't expecting to, is going to cost a lot of money. So, some -- but not all -- stations are going ahead with the transition anyway.

The fact is, the date should have remained February 17th, with no extension into June.

Look, we've been hearing about this switch since the spring of 2007! It's been known for almost two years that this day was coming, and back when the announcements were first made, February 17th was the date appearing in the story.

My point is, it wasn't like this day snuck up on us.

People have had plenty of time to get their act together and make the switch from analog to digital.

Coupons were available to help defray the cost of getting a conversion box, but apparently too many people still haven't made the switch yet.

Well, tough. It they couldn't afford it, or a family member couldn't have purchased them one for Christmas or whatever, then maybe they should just turn the TV off anyway, and listen to the radio -- preferably to 95.7 FM -- read a book, or get some exercise.

Seriously. Not to sound like a heartless jerk here, but I find it hard to believe that in nearly two years time so many viewers out there have been unable to equip themselves with what is needed to continue to watch television after this switch is made.

If they haven't converted by now, then they obviously don't put a lot of importance in TV in the first place.

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