Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Bowl(er)

Do you know who this woman is?

Probably not, but you should. Her name is Kelly Kulick, and last weekend she became the first woman ever to win a Professional Bowlers Association Men's Tournament.

Take that, Michelle Wie!

Kulick -- who was eligible to bowl in the PBA's Tournament of Champions after winning the PBA Women's World Championship in 2009 -- defeated (more like "stomped") Chris Barnes 265-195 last Saturday for the historic win.

Just getting to bowl in this event was quite an accomplishment for Kulick...but to WIN IT?!?! Truly amazing.

I know, bowling isn't quite on the same level as winning a men's golf tournament -- something Wie, and other women have tried -- because on any given day, anyone with a pulse can go bowl a 200, while going out and carding a six-under on a pro course can only be accomplished by a select few, but still, Kulick was able to consistently put up big numbers all week long, and on television, too.

This wasn't just a one-game thing. She had to compete all week long, earn her trip to the TV finals, and then get it done with all of the pressure on.

What made it even cooler for me was that I was watching it happen live.

I was eating lunch, looking for something to watch, when I saw that a PBA event was on ESPN. As a former league bowler, and big fan of the old-time telecasts on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton, Jr., I always like checking out pro bowling on TV.

When I put the event on, however, I saw a woman warming up. Right away, I reached for the remote, because -- sorry ladies -- I have no interest in watching pro women bowl, unless they're hot. Which -- sorry ladies -- is rarely the case.

Then I realized what was about to happen, as it was Kulick warming up to bowl in the title match against Barnes.

Suddenly, history was (potentially) about to happen. And, Kulick delivered.

On this weekend before the Super Bowl, I thought it was a perfect time to recognize a super bowler.

In case you missed the match, here's the 2nd half of it...

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