Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hole And Health Expo

Here are a couple of pics from the recent Home and Health Expo at the Morris District 101 Rec Center...

In the above picture, Jay Capron (left) laughs uncontrollably as I (right) destroy another girl's dreams by letting her know her spin for a prize has come up short.

Actually, I have no idea what's going on in this picture. I think I just spotted a nearby table with a great supply of free pens.

This could have been the moment I realized -- with nearly three hours of the event still remaining -- that we were about to run out of prizes.

Either that, or one of us made a wisecrack about the color of our sweatshirts.

Plenty of material there.

Okay, try not to stare at this picture too long. We're talking a serious potential for irreversible retinal damage.

The collective effect of all of that lime green coming at you could be catastrophic.

This would have been a good one for the caption contest as well.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the vocal stylings of the 'Kermit The Frog Lookalikes'"

"Does anyone know where the green screen room is? We're ready to film the scene with the six people with no upper body."

"Superman had no chance as he faced off against the group of six people wearing sweatshirts made out of kryptonite."

"WJDK, putting the 'radio' in radioactive."

In the picture from left to right, Joe Munsell (Sales), Harriet Osborne (Sales) Kevin Schramm (WCSJ host - of course he has a green Cubs hat to match), Jasmin Chacon (Sales), me, and Jack Daly (General Manager).

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