Monday, March 30, 2009

I Love College Basketball!

Turns out I've won our office pool. How 'bout that?!

Just a week or so ago, I crumpled up my bracket printout on the air because my surprise final four team -- Wake Forest -- got bounced in the first round, as did Florida St., the team I had upsetting Pitt in the sweet 16.

Well, fortunately, my other final four teams survived and made it to next weekend. Thankfully, nobody else picked Villanova to get this far, and I'm the only one that has UConn making the title game, although that is moot at this point.

Villanova beating Pitt eliminated several from contention -- including Jay -- and when Louisville lost yesterday to Michigan State (I had Louisville getting bounced in the 3rd round by, ahem, Wake Forest), that made me the winner.

The best part, since I had North Carolina beating Villanova to get to -- and win -- the championship game, with the pool already sewn up, I can just go ahead and root for 'Nova (my team, since they're from Philly).

I love college basketball!

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