Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Idol" Thoughts

Some quick 'Idol thoughts: As I predicted on Wednesday's show, the three American Idol contestants moving on from this week's performance round are Jorge, Scott, and 'Lil Rounds.

I hate to say it, but Scott is simply getting by on the fact that he's blind. C'mon, admit it, you agree with me.

Hey, the guy is nice as can be, has a great smile, attitude, the works. I hope he does well in this competition. But, it's clear that, while he's a good singer, he's not a great singer.

Once he made it past his very first audition a couple of months ago, I told my wife that, "there's your winner."

He might not win, but he certainly could -- and it won't be because of his voice.

As far as tonight's wild card can go to Vegas that Anoop and Megan are in.

Choice three should be Matt Giraud -- the dueling piano player guy -- but since there's already a big numbers advantage for the guys, my thinking is they'll pick a girl for the third spot.

I frankly don't know any of the remaining girl's names, except for Tatiana, but they wouldn't be that cruel to send her along to the next round, would they?

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