Saturday, August 08, 2009

Eating At Reggie's

As I begin to drink my third cranberry and vodka of the evening -- hey, it's Saturday night (no early wake-up tomorrow), and the kids are asleep -- it dawned on me that I haven't updated you on a teensy weensy bit of radio info...

I'm back on the air.

Well, it's not exactly what you think, but, I am indeed back on the air, some of the time at least.

This whole last month or so, it feels like, to borrow a Seinfeld reference -- surprise, right? -- that I'm now "eating at Reggie's," the diner that the gang would occasionally visit when not going to Monk's. It's the place George ate at when his worlds collided in "The Pool Guy" episode. I kind of feel like George did at the end of that episode.

As you know, I am no longer doing mornings at WJDK. I was given that news in early June, and did my last show on June 30th. It seems that my radio talents -- vast, and deep as they are -- are needed elsewhere.

There are many projects and happenings going on within our family of stations that require an expert. Someone that can jump right in and take control, steering those projects straight to completion. Someone that can lead the charge, and get the job done with accuracy and promptness.

That person wasn't available, so they've recruited me.

And, that's pretty much it. There are things that need attention at our group of stations, and I'm the guy they want to handle them. But, to tackle these things, it required me dedicating most of my time away from on-air work, and focusing on off-air projects.

The main thing is...I'm still employed. I still work in Morris -- some of the time. I still do sports, production, and the Saturday morning sports powerhouse, Spotlight On Sports.

But, half the time, I'm eating at Reggie's. I'm working at our mother ship station in Plano, doing some on-air work (mornings on Mondays and Tuesdays), and working other projects on Thursdays.

Has it been an adjustment? You betcha. It's not easy to go from doing something that you've enjoyed for 13 years, and completely shifting gears away from what you know and love doing.

On the other hand, this is a challenge for me. Something that may end up being a bit of a kick in the rear that infuses some extra energy into my daily grind. Do I miss doing mornings on WJDK? Absolutely. And, from the emails, calls and messages I've received, it seems that you miss the show, too. I really appreciate the feedback.

But, I'm now faced with the next chapter in my professional life. Time to roll with the punches, and grab a menu at Reggie's.

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