Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time To Tee It Up

What a beautiful day for golf. It's going to be sunny and 75 degrees today, and I'm ready to hit the links.

Today I'll be playing in a foursome that will include my dad, and my brother at a course up north a bit. This outing was arranged by my bro, Rick, as a sort of replacement outing that his workplace isn't having this year.

Rick's goal wasn't to complete mimic what his company would have done, but simply create a day for some family and friends to have a group "outing" at a nice, relatively nearby course.

In all, there will be 16 of us -- four foursomes -- teeing it up in the 11:00 hour today, and it should be a lot of fun.

It'll be nice to just have a day with no work involved whatsoever. The last week or two has been a bit dizzying for me, and that's partly why the blog posts haven't been as plentiful (as promised).

In addition to doing my early-week air shifts in Plano, I was also training with Schramm during the end of the week so I'd know the ins and outs of working the 'CSJ morning show, which I had to do the last two Saturdays, and this past Friday.

All of which left me little time to work on my other bajillion tasks (production, booking the sports show, working on websites, updating our imaging, and trying to remember each day which building I'm driving to).

Plus, all of this was going on during the last few days of Megan's summer vacation, so when I did get home each day, we tried to spend as much time outside as possible, or going places that she enjoys, to make the most of her last few days before school resumes (Monday).

By the time the night would roll around, I was pooped. Blogging was not a high priority at that point.

I know, excuses, excuses.

But, trust me. I'll get some time back soon, and there are some funny stories to tell -- like the one from last night when I was faced with a very messy situation in the Ed Debevic's parking lot -- that I will get to.

First things first. Where did I put that box of naked lady tees?

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